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fucking fuck   
05:41pm 08/06/2004
mood: busy
yeah, it's still finals week. it sucks as per usual. plastics are not fun. i still need to pay lab fees. and pack all my shit out of here. no fun in the sun for tommy.
one more week, and then another year   
10:35pm 06/06/2004
mood: bored
so it's the all so fun week of finals. ive only got three and only one should be hard. the one tomorrow im not too worried about, just going over some notes and old quizzes. i spent alot of time playing final fantasy this weekend, got to level 10 black mage and rank 2 in bastok, like anyone cares. im not very eventful. later.
tommy, cut off??? impossible.....   
11:07am 05/06/2004
mood: hungover
but yet, last night at the rouge hero in bellingham washington, i , tommy johnson got cut off. im guessing it was for yelling at the second band's sound guy that he needed to turn the vocals up and that he was the worst sound guy...ever. but all in all it was a good night, pains run played a kick ass show as usual, i got drunk, and tyson is 21 and can go with us to bars now. i had about 3 tall boys and a 40oz of camo before we left for the bar, then we had like 3 pitchers and a tall boy and i was, you could say pretty lit. im just glad they didn't kick me out. so i just agreed to drink water the rest of the time there, no biggie, i like water esspecially when im that drunk. i wasn't too drunk enough to stand though because i was in front the whole time and i can't hear shit right now. i also made an idiot of myself by asking the guitar player, blake what tuning a certain song was in when i knew what it was and just wanted to know how to play it, cause it's a cool song. really? werd! he looked at me funny and said standard E, do you have a tuner? yeah you could say i felt dumb but id probably make fun of someone for asking me something like that too. the night ended good with me trying to watch family guy dvd then giving up because i really just wanted to sleep. i even stopped myself from having a dirty, a cigarette, a fag, or whatever you want to call it. so yeah i just went to bed because no one else was up. now im going to go play a few hours of final fantasy XI, becuase im a fucking nerd. have a goood day, with three o's, later.
weeked fun   
09:10am 01/06/2004
mood: tired
so saturday was tyson's 21st birthday, and oh what a day it was. the goal was to hit as many bars as we could but on a saturday night many of the bars had shitty bands playing that charged a cover. so on that note we only ended up going to three, but still a good time was had by all. we started off the evening my having some beers at the appartment while playing tiger woods golf (more on that later), and drinking some crown royal. so we went to the beaver first, that's right the beaver. olof was pretty drunk already so he was pretty loud, it was funny. my and tyson played pool and i sucked ass and so did he. it was only around 7 so ther wasnt many poeple in the bars yet. a few pitchers were drank and many cigarettes smoked, next bar. the rouge hero, one of my favorites in bellingham, pains run plays there alot. had a jack and coke and a shot of tequilla with erin. the bartender gave tyson a free shot called the four horsemen, goldschager, 100prof. rum, jegermiester, topped off with 151. i had one later that evening and they're not bad. we went to the up and up for the rest of the night and continued to drink mass quantities of beer and get alot of it on the table. we went back and forth from the up and the rouge to get shots for tyson, i only went on two of the runs but i spent enough money. matt (our canadien friend), was in the back alley puking for about and hour and a half before we left the up. we had a pictcher of beer left before we had to go so i tried to drink it really fast and joined matty in the ally. good thing it only takes me like 5 seconds to puke then im fine. so we get home and have some more to drink and me and olof go down to the little store to buy more beer but it was closed so we ripped a sign out of the ground, it got a little blurry after this. so wake up very hung over and look outside and apparently we thought it would be a good idea to throw a ton of glass bottles off our deck. then the rest of the weeking i played tiger woods golf with nick and matty. way too much. later.
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10:15pm 25/05/2004
mood: calm
so my internet was out for about two week cause my nick card was fucked and i couldnt figure out what was wrong. thats two weeks withough funny pictures, porn, aim, or final fantasy XI. oh it was lame. so i got some money from my grandma as a late birthday present and i got 'fear and loathing in las vegas: the criterion collectoin'. it was only 30 bucks much better than the 50 it was at this winter. i sugest you watch it. class is good, only two weeks left then finals. me and nick found a place for next year, it should be good. but we have to start renting next month , which sucks. i've got a test on thursday so i guess i should study some more. w00t. later.
09:40pm 30/04/2004
  that's what i was thinking.

meeting at ten   
08:24am 30/04/2004
mood: calm
i shouldnt forget this time. see in my 426 class my whole group forgot we had a meeting with the proffessor last friday. so im going this week cause i remember. the class is going good but it's like i haven't done anything yet. but we've got to do some stuff this week i think.

im going down to seattle tonight to see pain's run at emp's liquid lounge where im sure i can buy overpriced drinks. but not too many cause i gotta drive back to bellingham. start's at 10, no cover.

i guess i'll go nerd and go play final fantasy XI for a few whours befor i have to leave. later
alright tuesday!!!   
10:03pm 27/04/2004
mood: chipper
it is tuesday right? so i went to my one class today it was alright, learned about extruding plastic. and i finished my small engine block after class too, wow productive. then i came home and played final fantasy XI for a few hours and ate some food.

i think im getting guitar block. i should really take lessons. i think my fingers are as fast as their going to get with out lessons, which isn't very fast. or maybe i just need to practice more instead of just playing random songs. or i just suck, yeah it's probably that one.

i had the new incubus on, but i turned it off, i don't think i really like it.
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fun times at school   
10:47pm 26/04/2004
mood: sick
i made a box out of clear acrylic in my polymers class today, it was great. it can go with my bowl and other thing i made last week. im feeling better than yesterday, not as tired but ive come up with a case of the cold. so ive been downing dayquil all day today, it's good stuff. oh and drinking lots of water. me and my lab partner finished the first coat of ceramic slury for our mini engine block were making in foundry, should turn out good hopefully.

on a shittier note the avs lost game 3 today against the sharks 1-0. they've been playing so bad, i doubt they'll win four in a row but i'll be cheering them on. i guess i should start my lab write up.
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time to....   
04:11pm 25/04/2004
mood: crappy
quit smoking??? so it was my birthday on friday and this weekend turned out to be a fucking melee. i think i smoked about two packs of cigarettes on friday night with tons of beer and other stuff. it was fun thought, danced with some hot girl that didn't know my name (i dont know her's either) but she almost fell off our table. probably yelled a lot and listened to outkast's 'roses' a billion times. my brother and jordan came up to visit too so that was cool.
got to bed around 4ish. toal hours of sleep:5 plus a nap.

saturday my parents came up and took me and my friends out to the skagit casino. my throat now feels like a cat reached in there and scrached the fuck out of it. i think i'll quit smoking for a while. it was a fun night though. i blew 125 bucks but me,nick, jon, and matty closed out the casino and had a table with a cute rulette spinner from around here. oh joe also got cut off by the casino, that was awesome. got to bed around 5.30. total hours sleep: 3ish.

so i smell and i just farted, oh shit my ass stinks. so im going to go take a shower cause it might help.
woo spring quarter   
12:32pm 07/04/2004
  so ive got new classes. polymers, foundry, some lame microsoft class that should be cake (mmm cake), and advanced manufactureing lab. polymers is going to be hard because i did terrible in chemestry and materials class. should be a good quarter though.

i should have pleny of time to study in between breaks of final fantasy XI. i forget what else i was going to say...oh yeah. i think the plans for colorado are done, i found out the ship yard is offering summer jobs for college students like me so im going to try for that. it will help with experience and all that garbage. ok i should go to lab now. woo plastics!!!
the art of studying   
08:36pm 14/03/2004
mood: calm
it's weird how different people study. nick's locked himself in his appartment for the weekend practicing writing his essays for psycology and phillosophy finals. olof goes to the library where it's quiet and practices business stuff. i dont know what you do in business, although i have taken some classes it was pretty lame. as for me i only have one final and it's in a class i could care less about, linguistics. sure it's an important part of all our lives but i could care less to study it. my major doesn't really have a lot of finals so i usually am done a week before the quarter's over because i have to turn in projects instead. i like it that way though, i dont think you can really test on this stuff unless there's a product. i do have quizes and those usually turn out easy for me, i got 100% on the last one for one of my classes. but i do really enjoy doing this stuff, even after class going to lab and sitting in front of a computer for hours with headphones on drinking mtn. dew and taking some smoke breaks. i like seeing an end product, like my clock i worked on for hours designing, drawing, nc machining, and even doing some of that stuff twice or more when i fucked something up (like putting a flame too close to the numbers. i guess the point is im glad i found something i like doing that i can do something with. not just sticking with business and not enjoying my major. and im glad im done with all the bull shit general requirements, although i did learn a little bit about chinese art and bone structures of apes, well... at least the art class.

clock --> http://hood.hctc.com/~johnson/pics/flame_clock.bmp

i like it, it was a bitch to make and i do have a real one, its sitting on my desk right now.
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rock my what?   
11:11am 13/03/2004
mood: cranky
i can't hear
my neck hurts
am i getting too old for this?

no, it was too much fun. pain's run played last night at the rouge hero and let me tell ya it was a great time. much beer and cigarettes were consumed so fun was had by all. patty bell was up, it was nice seeing him again. ive only got one final on monday so im not going to study till sunday. so today i will annoy the neibors with mediocore guitar and i'll be playing texas hold 'em on nintendo 64. bitchin!
two down two to go   
11:27pm 11/03/2004
mood: busy
so anyways i finished my second class today, i had to do a presentation on my lame proposal that i pulled out of my butt (it didn't hurt too bad). so now that that's over ive got another take home test for electronics, im almost done. the test is tue tomorrow around 2. then ive got a final in linguistics monday, shouldnt be too bad. then oh then, i drink. yes big surprize there.

pain's run is playing tomorrow at the rogue hero up here in bellingham. should be good.

oh an egg comes out of a chicken,
oh a chicken comes out of an egg.

for break i'll be working on the tree farm again, big surprize. i was going to go visit paste for the week before break but she's graduating this year and is busy, so im not bothering her. i can be a handful.

i'll get back to my test and mr. bungle. w00t. there's no place like home!!!
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11:09am 08/03/2004
mood: busy
got a 100% on my last etec 322 test and hw. yay for me!!!! too bad i won't be doing that good on the electronics test. BAH!

for some reason i put in dude ranch today, memories!!!
take home tests   
12:25pm 07/03/2004
mood: busy
so i had a test in my electronics class last wednesday. it was shitty, let me tell you. i got a little over half-way through it as did most of the other class. i think only three people finished it, barely. so friday rolls along and the teacher realized he made the test too damn long gives us the tests back ungraded so we can finish them over the weekend, sweet. the only thing shitty about it is instead of playing guitar or just being lazy i have to work on this test, but i guess that's better than a 50%. oh my final in that class is take home too so i get done monday of finals week, so im happy. then im going down to oregon tuesday of finals week to visit paste, she's still in class but i get to go to her glass blowing class. awesome!!! should be fun, good luck in dead week and finals for that one person that reads this, if you have quarters.
05:53pm 06/03/2004
mood: calm
water's good when you're hung over, but im not really hung over so whats the deal. i guess water's good any ways.
went to taco bell today to get some lunch with nick, jon, and olof. good ol protesters. yeah protesting taco bell or taco hell as one of the signs and 80 year old man was holding. i was wondering why someone would be protesting a large corporationg that just sold unhealthy food to people. so i looked into it....
apparently the company taco bell gets its tomatoes from (and i hear taco bell just swithced from this company) gets its farm workers from smuggled workers from southern countries. pretty much slaves. the whole deal is pretty fucked up. see the people are kidnapped or told they're great jobs that they can make lots of money for their famileis up in america. so they say ok but then get smuggled across the boarder and get charged with a $1000 dollar fee for them getting across the boarder. they then have to pay off this debt before they can make any money. the workers are watched by armed gunman so they don't escape. so they get paid little to nothing and live in little shacks. its depressing i know so i'll stop.

but anyways im not to sure why they would just be going after taco bell other than to get in the media's eye. the company suplies to tons of other food corps. i dont know i say go after the smugglers or contact gov't officals and don't bug me when i want a taco.
11:40pm 29/02/2004
mood: tired
went down to McMinville, OR this weekend with nick to visit patience and ellie. We took ellie's truck down cause she lost her keys up here and we took it down for here. the weekend was fun and relaxig. we were going to go night snowboarding saturday at mt. hood but left a little late. so we came back ate some pappa murpheys pizza (cowboy) and watched monsters inc. then rounders. both quality movies. the drive back wasnt too bad, only took about 5 hours.

So ive got a test tomorrow in linguistics, shouldnt be too bad. then i get to stay in etec lab all night working on my final for tuesday, but ive doen quite a bit so it shouldnt be too bad. oh and ive got another test on wednesday, fun stuff, in electronics. ok im going to bed.
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school is cool, sorta   
03:22pm 23/02/2004
mood: bored
so it's been a while tessa, yes im pretty sure you're the only one that reads this sometimes. i regester for classes friday so that should be fun, hopefully i'll be getting the classes i want. advandced CAD, polymers, and two business classes because after all these years i decided to minor in business. the reason: i have about 5 etec classes left and they're spread out when they're offered so i might as well fill my time with something. oh and ive already taken about half the classes for the minor so that was a plus.

this next weekend me and nick will be making the death run down to oregon so wish us luck.

oh and for my final for my numerical control class im making a clock that looks like a maltese cross with flames in it. it was a bitch to model so it better turn out good.
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11:32am 04/02/2004
mood: blah
me and nick celebrated his hard weekend of studying and writting papers for phillosophy and psycology yesterday by having some prb tall boys. im skipping linguistics not becasue im hung-over, because im not, but i really do hate that class and sitting in a large classroom with stupid unrespecable freshman that just talk to each other the whole time gets very annoying. id probably kick so many damn people out of the class if i was the prof.
oh paste is back from mexico studying and might come up this weekend. so im excited. ive just gotta get alot of shit done for next week early, which never happens. so yeah thats about it, i need some food, cause im fat. later.

PS speaking of fat did you hear about the guy that ate at mcdonals for a month and made a movie about it. i guess he just fell apart, i wanna watch the movie should be interesting.
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